The Proper Role of Government

What is the proper role of government, and how do you fit in?

Due to the King's oppression and iron-fisted rule they experienced in England, the Founders of the united States of America had a vision of a government that did ONLY those things necessary to allow the people to have peace and prosperity.  They searched for and discovered principles and organization that would establish this goal.  In order to maintain this way of living, it is required that the people themselves take responsibility, get educated, and get involved in protecting and preserving such.

THAT is what the Independent American Party is all about.  We know that if the people understand how important Liberty is, and that retaining it requires that each of us become involved, we will have the peace and prosperity envisioned and expected by our Founders.

Please join us in this quest.  If we don't, we will get a type of government that cares not for our Liberty, but what it can do to rule us and take of our fruits for its own agenda.

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